EAT, SING, DANCE & other vows...

I made the original EAT sign for our 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll wedding buffet table, inspiration taken from my epic wedding pinterest board.

First off, I designed the invitation to set the visual style of the whole day, and all the details sprang from that. I love the clean bold lines of 50s signage and illustration and pink and black has always been a favourite combination.

I am not going to ramble on about wedding planning but it was definitely one of the best parties I’ve ever been to! Thanks to the Jukebox Jets (rock ‘n’ roll band of dreams), The Ivy House (amazing venue with gold and red velvet stage) … and my husband of course!

My best friend Barbar sang at our wedding…she has the most incredible voice, when I first heard her sing, I fell in love a bit. Singing and listening to music has the power to invoke such strong emotions in all of us. SING is an homage to her, and to my Italian great grandfather Pasquale who used to sing to stay happy; especially Opera...singing Gigli with tears of joy falling down his face. I thank my mum for her childhood memories.

DANCE, I made for my husband to remind him of when we found out we both knew all the words to Neil Diamond’s Jazz Singer album and he danced...a lot!! And anyone who know me knows I absolutely love to get on the dance floor even if it’s empty!! Must. Dance. More.

After the wedding I re-designed the EAT sign and made a print using digital cut outs of some watercolour washes (creates the authentic vintage textured look). I made it for us…to remember our wedding day. I decided to add SING and DANCE so as not to forget to do these simple things everyday: a brilliant way to lift your spirits.

And so that is the story of how my EAT, SING, DANCE prints came about…I put them on my instagram and people wanted them too! So they are now a product in my shop because, these are fundamental bringers of happiness for us all!


1 Print: £15

2 Print Deal: £25 (£12.50 each)

3 Print Deal is £30 (£10 each) Bargain!

Click here to purchase.

I have also turned this design into a tea towel! These are the rules for any good party in the kitchen: EAT, DANCE and SING!

£12.50 each, click here to purchase.

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I’ve had requests to add DRINK and LAUGH to this collection…what word would you like to see on your wall to remind you to do more of it? (keep it clean guys!)…let me know in the comments…

One Night in Paris: City of Lovers, Oysters and Calvados

'EAT OYSTERS' A4 Art Print £20     Click to treat yourself! "Eat Oysters"

'EAT OYSTERS' A4 Art Print £20

Click to treat yourself!"Eat Oysters"

Last week, I took a short break from commissions and to-do lists for a long overdue catch-up with one of my oldest friends. One night in Paris!

"Eat Oysters" was the result.

Bolstered by Eurostar's £29 train tickets, we treated ourselves. We ate a lot of oysters. We went swiftly, to get out of the rain, to Terminus Nord and ordered "Le Plateau du terminus Nord", fruits de mer, kir royale, a carafe of wine, sorbet (amazing) and finished off with the wondrous Parisian coffee and a Calvados. Five hours later, slightly 'directionless', we got an uber to our hotel, the lovely Hotel Henriette, beautifully decorated. After a small lie down, we found the delicious Chez Simon restaurant; full of locals, incredible fine dining at a great price.

Our sojourn continued; we had no plans and stuck to that. A wonderful sleep, more food, wandering down gloriously grand limestone avenues with blue skies above and liqueur chocolates keeping our insides warm. A final Calvados and back to Gare du Nord...

It was transformative for me. Taking a step back from my busy life in London (my new online shop, commission deadlines, mum to a three-year-old boy) is something I now realise I need to remain sane and creative in my life and work. Lucky me, thanks to my wonderful husband, I can make this a regular thing.


Back in the studio and I was truly inspired. I painted some oysters and designed a card and a print. For me and for Fran and for all other lovers of oysters.

"LET THERE BE LOVE" CARD £2.50: inspired by my 48 hours in Paris and Nat King Cole's wonderful song as sung by my husband on seeing my painting!

"LET THERE BE LOVE" CARD £2.50: inspired by my 48 hours in Paris and Nat King Cole's wonderful song as sung by my husband on seeing my painting!