Custom Logo Design for Small Businesses: a crooner, a watermill and a bellyful of foodies.

As well as making products for the Rebsville Shop and Bespoke Artwork, I am also a commercial illustrator. I work with lots of different clients on branding and marketing projects.

One of my favourite jobs has to be helping new small businesses with their branding and logo design. Here are a few of my favourites…all still thriving I’m pleased to say!

How to commission a logo for your new business:

  1. We would have an initial conversation usually over the phone or in person about your business and any ideas you have or elements you want to include in your logo.

  2. I come up with 2 logo concepts and email over to you.

  3. You choose your favourite and any additions or amends you might want to make.

  4. I make the revisions. You sign off the final logo.

  5. I then email all files over to you in all the formats (Digital files for your website and social media and Print files for printed items.)

  6. I can also offer help setting up a simple website and tips for social media and SEO for your new business.

Costs for a logo within these parameters is £150.

Please pass this on to anyone you know who may be thinking about starting a new business!

Get in touch with me, Rebecca, via my contact form here

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Rebsville Christmas Gift Guide 2018

If you’re reading this then you are probably someone who likes to support small businesses so thank you! You might also be a last minute shopper looking for ideas so this is for you!

It’s the end of the first year of Rebsville and I seem to have created a collection of products that might cover all your present needs! So…I’ve put together a list of my favourites for you. Put your feet up, beat the crowds and get everything sent to your door (with free UK delivery)! You need to order by 18th to guarantee delivery before Christmas as the postal service can become a bit unpredictable…

All these products are currently only available on my website and my etsy shop making them an original choice! There’s a sneaky gift for you at the bottom of this page!!!


Brighten up someone’s kitchen with my EAT collection! I’ve got prints: EAT Herbs, EAT Sushi & EAT Oysters. You can buy off the shelf A4 print frames for these to easily have them ready to put up on a shelf, mantelpiece or wall. There’s a little bit to learn in each of them as well.

Everybody needs a tea towel! These are a really new product in my shop and have been so popular! People who like my paintings but worry about choosing a print for someone else have jumped on these. Someone even bought some as fancy gift wrap…I love that idea!

And the final two in the Eat Collection are these EAT, SING, DANCE prints and tea towel. They are instructions for a good Christmas (add drink, snooze…the list is growing!) so make the perfect gift for a host and lover of typographical prints. I have the trio of prints in my hallway as a constant reminder to do all these things that make me happy! CLICK THE IMAGES TO SHOP!


The Waterways and Wildlife of London was my first Rebsville print and has remained a popular one throughout the year. Often bought for men, it’s an original map of London that shows a small selection of the fish, birds and other creatures that have been spotted in and around the rivers of London. I also mapped and labelled all the overground, underground and man-made tributaries feeding into the Thames.


Some of us have them, but most of us know some! These posters are fun, educational and affordable. I am a qualified primary school teacher with a pre-schooler at home and wanted these posters to be meaningful learning tools to support your child in their early years.

Both posters have a list of learning activities at the bottom to inspire you when you are too exhausted to think! They are large..the size of a piece of wrapping paper…perfect for exploring with your pre-schoolers.


I often don’t get around to sending my christmas cards by post but I like to write a proper message to the people I give a gift to. Christmas can be really hectic but I try and slow it down…have a think about what this person means to me and what I wish for them. I used to be a big letter writer so it’s a chance to say a few words to the people I love.

When I painted these wintery evergreens and berries I imagined them on some gift wrap and it’s so brilliant thinking of all the presents they will be wrapping this year. I am all out of the black design but still have some of the winter animals and white left…

So those are my faves! All the images are clickable and link you straight to the product page…have a good old browse and see what you fancy! If you have got this far then here’s a massive 20% off all orders over £25. That means you can bag a print for £16 or a teatowel for a tenner! The code is BIG20 and is valid up to Xmas (last delivery day is 18th but if you are local to me you can pick up until the 22nd - London SE24)… thanks for shopping and supporting me and mine this year.

EAT, SING, DANCE & other vows...

I made the original EAT sign for our 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll wedding buffet table, inspiration taken from my epic wedding pinterest board.

First off, I designed the invitation to set the visual style of the whole day, and all the details sprang from that. I love the clean bold lines of 50s signage and illustration and pink and black has always been a favourite combination.

I am not going to ramble on about wedding planning but it was definitely one of the best parties I’ve ever been to! Thanks to the Jukebox Jets (rock ‘n’ roll band of dreams), The Ivy House (amazing venue with gold and red velvet stage) … and my husband of course!

My best friend Barbar sang at our wedding…she has the most incredible voice, when I first heard her sing, I fell in love a bit. Singing and listening to music has the power to invoke such strong emotions in all of us. SING is an homage to her, and to my Italian great grandfather Pasquale who used to sing to stay happy; especially Opera...singing Gigli with tears of joy falling down his face. I thank my mum for her childhood memories.

DANCE, I made for my husband to remind him of when we found out we both knew all the words to Neil Diamond’s Jazz Singer album and he danced...a lot!! And anyone who know me knows I absolutely love to get on the dance floor even if it’s empty!! Must. Dance. More.

After the wedding I re-designed the EAT sign and made a print using digital cut outs of some watercolour washes (creates the authentic vintage textured look). I made it for us…to remember our wedding day. I decided to add SING and DANCE so as not to forget to do these simple things everyday: a brilliant way to lift your spirits.

And so that is the story of how my EAT, SING, DANCE prints came about…I put them on my instagram and people wanted them too! So they are now a product in my shop because, these are fundamental bringers of happiness for us all!


1 Print: £15

2 Print Deal: £25 (£12.50 each)

3 Print Deal is £30 (£10 each) Bargain!

Click here to purchase.

I have also turned this design into a tea towel! These are the rules for any good party in the kitchen: EAT, DANCE and SING!

£12.50 each, click here to purchase.

us for end.jpg

Wedding Photographs by
Hair and make up by
Flowers by

I’ve had requests to add DRINK and LAUGH to this collection…what word would you like to see on your wall to remind you to do more of it? (keep it clean guys!)…let me know in the comments…

A Sushi Love Story: learn how to make it, eat it, paint it!

Make it

My 'Eat Sushi" Art Print £20 (A4), £40 (A3) next to Yuki's "Sushi at Home" book

My 'Eat Sushi" Art Print £20 (A4), £40 (A3) next to Yuki's "Sushi at Home" book

If you love to eat sushi and want to learn how to make it then get yourself to Yuki's Kitchen in London. Highly recommended by me and everyone else online, she unlocks all the secrets of making sushi at home in her stunning kitchen in Crystal Palace. There are never more than eight people, and my class was full of enthusiastic food lovers with an informal and informative atmosphere. 

eat it

I took the "Let's Roll" class and left feeling totally confident about making my own sushi at home, full after a delicious sushi lunch (made my me!) and brimming with inspiration to paint some sushi as soon as I got the chance! Not only is it healthy and delicious; it has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing types of food.

I became a bit obsessed. I studied the art of sushi presentation, the sushi menu poster, I watched the award-winning 2011 documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi: a beautiful, fascinating film that portrays the life of Jiro Ono, Master Sushi Chef and owner of three-Michelin-starred sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro. Dedicated to the point of obsession, Jiro is wholly committed to creating the perfect sushi; a little bit frightening and incredibly inspiring all at the same time!

Once you decide on your occupation... you must immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work. Never complain about your job. You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That’s the secret of success... and is the key to being regarded honorably.
— Jiro Ono

paint it

I was in love! I spent two days straight painting sushi. The freshness of the ingredients ensure the brightest of colours and complex natural patterns in the plumpest of textures. I took the traditional minimalist approach to the layout of my painting, with a nod to the familiar sushi menu poster. I wanted to add some typography.

Enter some traditional Japanese etiquette. Before eating;  say 'ITADAKIMASU', bow slightly and then you may start. A basic translation is 'to humbly accept', rooted in Japan's Buddhist past which teaches respect for all living things. GOSHISOUSAMA is said at the end of the meal to show appreciation of the food and those that prepared it; "That was delicious!".

Here's the result! A bright original watercolour, reproduced as a giclee print in sizes A4 and A3. Great art to put up in your kitchen or a gift for any sushi lover.

your chance to choose my next "eat" print:

"Eat Sushi" is the second in my "Eat" Print Collection.  The first was "Eat Oysters" and you can read all about it here.

What would you like to see for the next in the series? It could be a specific recipe you love, a type of cuisine, a cooking method....share your thoughts in the comments below...

One Night in Paris: City of Lovers, Oysters and Calvados

'EAT OYSTERS' A4 Art Print £20     Click to treat yourself! "Eat Oysters"

'EAT OYSTERS' A4 Art Print £20

Click to treat yourself!"Eat Oysters"

Last week, I took a short break from commissions and to-do lists for a long overdue catch-up with one of my oldest friends. One night in Paris!

"Eat Oysters" was the result.

Bolstered by Eurostar's £29 train tickets, we treated ourselves. We ate a lot of oysters. We went swiftly, to get out of the rain, to Terminus Nord and ordered "Le Plateau du terminus Nord", fruits de mer, kir royale, a carafe of wine, sorbet (amazing) and finished off with the wondrous Parisian coffee and a Calvados. Five hours later, slightly 'directionless', we got an uber to our hotel, the lovely Hotel Henriette, beautifully decorated. After a small lie down, we found the delicious Chez Simon restaurant; full of locals, incredible fine dining at a great price.

Our sojourn continued; we had no plans and stuck to that. A wonderful sleep, more food, wandering down gloriously grand limestone avenues with blue skies above and liqueur chocolates keeping our insides warm. A final Calvados and back to Gare du Nord...

It was transformative for me. Taking a step back from my busy life in London (my new online shop, commission deadlines, mum to a three-year-old boy) is something I now realise I need to remain sane and creative in my life and work. Lucky me, thanks to my wonderful husband, I can make this a regular thing.


Back in the studio and I was truly inspired. I painted some oysters and designed a card and a print. For me and for Fran and for all other lovers of oysters.

"LET THERE BE LOVE" CARD £2.50: inspired by my 48 hours in Paris and Nat King Cole's wonderful song as sung by my husband on seeing my painting!

"LET THERE BE LOVE" CARD £2.50: inspired by my 48 hours in Paris and Nat King Cole's wonderful song as sung by my husband on seeing my painting!

PAPER GOODS SALE: Get scribbling!

No January blues in my studio this month... It’s all yellow as I’m working on a very exciting project commissioned for a spring launch. More on that soon ;)

Steering clear of the most common New Year’s Resolutions in 2018 (eat less & exercise more...yawn!), I chose a few things that will be fun, achievable and creative!

•Swim Twice a Week (time to get a bit of headspace)

•Learn to make Sushi (found an awesome lady in Crystal Palace)

•Book a Printmaking Course (contemplating Print Club's short courses)

So to help you make a few lists of your 2018 goals and stretch your creative muscles, I've got a sale on my range of Paper Goods on the Rebsville website. With my notebook and scrapbook sets, you can easily achieve your crafty goals!

20% OFF all Paper Goods: notebooks, scrapbook boxes and postcard sets

Paper Goods SALE now live!

I made a little video of some of my notebooks in action!


Welcome to REBSVILLE!

Champagne popping! Do a little dance! Sing! Trumpet blowing!

It’s time for something new! After ten wonderful years of working as a commercial illustrator for lots of lovely clients I am finally starting my own brand! It has been a long time coming and I am so excited (and a little scared...) to have a place to showcase my own ideas and share what I have learnt. I am still taking commercial commissions but hope to spend more time on creating things for everyone.

REBSVILLE will be the home of my new shop; selling my original art, prints, cards, wrapping paper and lots of different gifts all covered in my watercolour and ink illustrations, created in my London studio.

my studio.jpg

In THE REBSVILLE NEWS I will be writing about my new collections, my creative tips, news and upcoming events. Do sign up for all the above and be the first to know about sales and new products.

REBSVILLE will be launching online in November and I will be selling my wares at the Herne Hill Christmas Fair on December 2nd from 10-4. Put it in the diary and come and see it all in real life!

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