I love drawing maps so creating a bespoke illustrated map is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling parts of my job.

It's a collaboration which is always fun, the response is always so positive and people get so excited about seeing their own lives and adventures illustrated. 

You can either work with me to create the finished map or purchase a voucher as a gift to allow the recipient to be a part of the creative process.

This is the best gift I have ever made me cry and laugh at the same time and I can’t stop looking at it. It’s so amazing to have my life feels like a little bit of history. I can’t wait to show my friends and talk to my grandchildren about the adventures I have had...what a treat!


You’ve made the exciting decision to order your own personalised map as a special gift; now it’s time to talk about the details, develop ideas and create a brief.

Once the brief is agreed, I draw an initial sketch. This shows the composition of all the elements you have chosen and should give a good idea of how the final illustration will look. You will check all the text and dates are correct at this point and seeing the visual layout usually inspires some additions and alterations.

Then it’s the exciting part! It’s time to draw up the final layout design in preparation for the finished artwork.


By using the criteria below, this will ensure your illustration feels really personal and unique.

Personal Information: who is the map for?
Name, interests, hobbies, favourite food, drinks, music, books, passions amd quirks. Anything that makes them individual and special!

Significant Places:
Homes, schools, first date venue, wedding venue, holidays etc.
Providing specific dates and “screen grabs” from Google Maps Street View helps to get these finer details just right.

A title for the map, dates, names, messages, song lyrics, slogans or sayings.
What words do you want to include on the map?

Are there any particular colours they love or would you prefer Black and White?
Think about their personal and interior style and usual colour preferences.

A key piece of information! When is the date of the celebration you want to give the gift? Remember a voucher can be given if there is not enough time.

This list will walk you through the basics but I guarantee you will come up with some more ideas and info you want to include. This is what we want, so write it all down as it will all inspire the final artwork. It’s important to provide as much information as possible as this will help me to develop the brief and perhaps come up with some add-on ideas. You can send images for inspiration too. When designing the map it is important to know what size you would like, so as to get the right detail in the buildings and other icons.



How much will this cost?
Each map is different so price does vary. Usually the prices start from £200 which includes everything from the research, title, background and design. As this is a significant amount; the map is often a gift from a group of friends or family. It’s an investment in a unique piece of art.  

How long will my map take to create?
The process of creating the map from the initial gathering of information to the final printing and delivery usually takes 3-5 weeks.

How big is the map?
I recommend A3 or bigger (29.7 x 42 cm) to showcase the details and make a statement!

How will I get my map?
There are a couple of options: Your bespoke map can be printed, framed and delivered or I can provide a digital version that you can get printed and framed yourself. Sometimes people prefer the second choice if the deadline is short or the celebration is abroad.

Can I buy this for someone else to create?
YES! If you’d like to buy an illustrated map for someone and want them to create the brief, I can create a “gift voucher” that can be given with instructions and next steps (there will be a small additional cost for this).

Can I talk to you on the phone about the brief?
Absolutely. We usually have a phone call to go over finer details once the initial brief has been supplied.


Click the button below to download an enquiry form. Fill in your details, save and send back to me!