Hello...My name is Rebecca and welcome to Rebsville!

So, a bit about me...I have been working as a commercial illustrator since 2008. You can see some of my projects from branding, adverts, book and editorial illustrations in my Design Portfolio here. 

my face-01.png

In 2014, I had my son and he was the catalyst that pushed me to start selling my own work. So, with great excitement and trepidation in equal measure, I launched my own Print and Paper Goods Online Shop and named it Rebsville. My nicknames are Reb or Rebs (never call me Becky!) and "Ville" represents my imaginative and creative town!

Rebsville is my Illustrated World, and the creations I make to sell in it reflect my personal passions in life. There is the ever expanding 'Eat' collection of Food Art, Prints and Scrapbook Kits for children, Animal Prints, Maps and Cityscapes of my inspiring hometown London and a series of bespoke gifts from 'a-map-of-your-life-so-far'... to homes and 'pets-in-action' portraits. I like to think I can be anyone's personal artist...if you have an idea...I can bring it to life!

I am passionate about learning and self development so try to make that part of my artworks. There is a story and lots of research behind each print which I share in my Blog. The future of Rebsville is looking exciting: I am planning holiday workshops for children, new additions to my print collections and many more appearances at pop ups, art fairs and retail outlets. 

If you are a wholesaler interested in stocking any of my products then please get in touch here.